Injection instructions cervical cancer vaccine

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Cervical cancer vaccine, Cervical cancer is the 3rd most common cancer in women, with the highest rate being 35-50 years old. According to the cancer registry survey in 2019, there have been patients with สมัคร ufabet cervical cancer. New cases up to 5500 people, or 9.3 people per 100,000 population. And 2200 people die from cervical cancer. On a daily basis, there are 15 new cervical cancer cases per day and 6 deaths per day. It is considered a very high and frightening number. If you are neglecting this You could be one of the new patients next year.

Causes and factors that cause cervical cancer

that cervical cancer It is cause by human papillomavirus or HPV infection caused by sexual intercourse, multiple sex partners, taking birth control pills for too long, multiple pregnancy or childbirth, and having having sex at an early age These are factors that are at greater risk of cervical cancer. There are also other factors involve, such as smoking, people with low or immune compromise. And finally, those who neglect cervical cancer screening. These are all risk factors for cervical cancer as well.

Symptoms of people with cervical cancer

The first warning sign of cervical cancer is “leucorrhea.” Usually, vaginal discharge has a different color and smell depending on the person. But the abnormal vaginal discharge and warning signs that you may have cervical cancer are: “Blood or foul-smelling vaginal discharge” , “Fluid from the vagina after menopause” , “Irregular and prolonged menstrual periods” and if it is in the advanced stage, you may have symptoms. “Lost pain in the lower abdomen” , “Difficulty urinating or defecation” , “Swollen legs” , “Anorexia” and “Weight loss” etc.

Vaccination against cervical cancer

The main cause of cervical cancer is HPV infection, so it is possible to get vaccinate against the HPV virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that each country have a basic policy for vaccinating against the virus. HPV to female populations in countries with adequate budgets

In the part of Thailand Now, the Ministry of Public Health is pushing for HPV vaccination among girls in fifth grade, an age at high risk of early sexual intercourse. It is also the right age for vaccination before having sex for the first time which now has a target audience of approximately 4 hundred thousand people across the country

Age should be vaccinated against cervical cancer

  • Children aged 9-14 years should be vaccinate against cervical cancer twice.
  • People aged 15 and over should receive 3 doses of cervical cancer vaccination.


  1. It is injected 1-2 months away from the first dose and the third dose is 6 months away from the first dose.
  2. This HPV vaccine is most effective. When injected to women aged 9-14 years or who have never had sex before.

Is the cervical cancer vaccine really effective?

Vaccination against the HPV virus prevents 70-90% of cervical cancer, but since there are 130 strains of HPV and about 40 are related to genital and rectal diseases. Specifically, strains 16 and 18 are the most common cervical cancer strains. Therefore, vaccination against the HPV virus may not always prevent infection with the virus at all.