Ex-Liverpool player hits Van Dijk, causing the team to concede a goal

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Former Liverpool trio Peter Crouch, Steve Mc Manaman and Joe Cole have criticized Virgil van Dijk for his role in the team’s conceding goal in the 1-0 Premier League defeat to Bournemouth. league England last Saturday

The center of the Holland national ufabet team who followed Dongo Watara in the rhythm of going to the right, but suddenly stopped stubbornly letting it go to the end of the line before reaching Philip Billings, scored a single goal in this game. In which the three former players “Reds” gathered together to blame Van Dyke for this rhythm.

“It’s disappointing,” Crouch told BT Sport. “Van Dijk looks like he’s given up, Trent Alexander-Arnold doesn’t fight, which is too easy for Bournemouth.

McManaman said: “Bad habits are back. they look sluggish pushing the game high they do Bet on offside, it’s terrible, of course, and they need to be more alive.

Cole also commented on this. “It’s an easy ball. He retreated, but he just stopped. When do we see Virgil van Dijk getting the ball through in that situation? look at that reaction You don’t want that from your captain.”

The defender showed his frustration after Bournemouth’s opener with former Chelsea star Joe Cole, who also had a spell at Liverpool, also critical of the defender’s reaction having been at fault himself.  

‘It’s a simple ball over the top. He gets back in but now he needs to switch on, he should be in business’ Cole said.